Ohio Teenage Rehab & Treatment Centers

OhioA number of adolescents, between 12 and 17 years old, experiment with all kinds of harmful substances; these include alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs, heroin, inhalants and many others. With the percentage of teens in this particular age group using illicit drugs in Ohio, teenage drug addiction is a major problem which parents need to recognize and address right away.

A lot of teenagers who experiment with alcohol and drugs will develop a problem with substance abuse that will create major issues at both home and school. This could end up limiting the opportunities they will have in the future as it directly relates to employment and admission to college. For some teens, drug addiction will turn into a major problem that could result in chronic health problems and increase the risk of overdose and drug-related deaths.

When in this type of crisis, parents can experience extreme difficulty wading through the overwhelming amount of information available on the treatment of substance abuse to determine what is best for their child. Being proactive is always the best choice and there are a lot of different teenage rehab services which may be suitable for your teen based on his or her particular experience with substance abuse and whether there is any underlying issue with mental health and trauma.

Regardless of the age, economic class, gender or whether the individual lives in an urban home, suburban neighborhood or rural area, no one has an immunity to addiction. A number of different factors are there which could contribute to the risk of an adolescent developing an addiction to drugs. These factors include:


In a case where either parent has abused drugs or alcohol, it could be an indication that the teen has a higher risk of developing a problem with substance abuse.


Issues with self-esteem and self-consciousness are common among teenagers but individuals who experience extreme difficulty with these issues are more likely to attempt to get away from those feelings by way of substance abuse and addiction.


An adolescent who spends a lot of time in the presence of individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol have a greater risk of developing a habit themselves.

Co-occurring Disorders

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder could be an issue carried over from childhood and during the teenage years, mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders can become evident. These can cause teenagers to turn to alcohol and drugs to self-medicate the symptoms.

In the face of these very serious issues, it is quite easy for parents to experience feelings of helplessness; it is not possible to change some of the factors that contribute to substance abuse and parents feel powerless when these issues have adverse effects on their child.

Studies have indicated that both the professional drug counselors and teenagers involved in drug rehabilitation programs are in agreement that the opinions and thoughts that the parents have on substance abuse and addiction have a huge impact on the the progress that the individual makes.

Being vocal about the issues your teen is having with substance abuse can be a great first step to assist him or her in fighting off substance dependence. However, in the event that psychological and physical dependence become a problem, having the addicted adolescent enrolled in a comprehensive rehabilitation facility is the best alternative.