Pennsylvania Teen Rehabilitation Programs

When looking into teenage rehabs in Pennsylvania, you should realize that there are two basic types of treatment. The first is normally referred to as inpatient rehabilitation. The second is referred to as outpatient. Each has its place for certain individuals.


This is where the individual is taken to a rehab center where he or she is required to stay until the end of treatment. It is a sort of boarding for the patient. Here are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of treatment.

Advantages of Inpatient Treatment

One of the advantages of inpatient care is that the individual is kept under constant medical supervision at all times. This is very important because there are certain types of addictions that are very difficult to treat. Indeed there are cases when an individual being treated for addiction may experience several side effects that may be life threatening and that is why it is necessary for such people to be under constant observation.

Another advantage of this type of care is that there is less temptation during recovery. This is because no addictive substances are allowed on the premises. This therefore means the patient does not have to worry about fighting temptation. For many, being away from their old stomping grounds can also be helpful.

Disadvantages of Inpatient Rehab

One of the main disadvantages of this type of treatment is that it is relatively more expensive as compared to outpatient. The costs are higher because the patient uses the facilities of the center while at the same time a lot of time is dedicated to the patient by the staff in the center.

Another disadvantage of this type of care for some is that an individual does not get to interact with friends and family members as often as if they resided at home. This may end up causing the individual to feel lonely.

It is equally important to point out that since the individual is at the rehabilitation center, he or she is not able to continue carrying out his or her daily duties.

Outpatient Rehab

This refers to the type of treatment whereby the individual simply has to attend certain sessions at the rehabilitation center that are scheduled during the week, and then they return home.

Advantages of Outpatient Treatment

One of the most notable advantages of this type of teen care is that it is less expensive. The second benefit of this form of rehabilitation is that the individual can carry on their responsibilities, whether at school, or perhaps their job. Additionally, the individual is able to see friends and family, which can be helpful for some people.

Disadvantages of Outpatient Programs

One of the main drawbacks for some is that they return to their familiar surroundings and this may act as a trigger, tempting them to use again, as they see familiar people, places and things.┬áThe other drawback is that they don’t have immediate access to medical care if needed as they would at an inpatient facility.

Each of these types of help have their benefits for some and disadvantages for others. Each situation should be looked at and assessed with the help of a substance abuse professional to determine what is best for the individual, as everyone is different, as with their situation, and finding what is best for them is an important aspect of a successful recovery from substance abuse.